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What is a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal?

    Bitcoin News    12 mai 2022

Since the Bitcoin blockchain is based on code, protocol changes must be reflected in the code, and miners must add a reference to their hash block to indicate that they accept or reject its implementation. These are proposals that seek to make changes to the BTC network protocol, block data or even the way in which the ecosystem validates its native transactions. Additionally, Standards Track BIPs also look to change the interoperability of two versions of BIPs and require community consensus to come into effect. With that being said, it needs to be made abundantly clear that not every change made via a Bitcoin software implementation has a direct effect on the core BTC protocol. In this regard, we can see that certain changes that are routinely put forth by independent developers do not require a BIP to be accepted by the community at large.

Bitcoin improvement proposal-what is IT? – Guardian Nigeria

Bitcoin improvement proposal-what is IT?.

Posted: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

For example, there’s no need to go through the long process of a BIP for the user interface. The recent activation of BIP 91 has reassured users that a chain split for Bitcoin is not going to be very likely, but then again nothing is 100% sure yet. BIP 91 was just signaling the intention of miners to support SegWit activation and not 100% guarantee they will in fact do it. Still was met with a lot of optimism and we are moving along the path of activating SegWit and avoiding a possible split of Bitcoin. Bitcoin offers incredible potentials technologically, but it has some limitations which make it difficult to adapt. There are changes necessary to modify bitcoin to suit the needs of the general population. The need for these modifications motivated what became known as the Bitcoin improvement proposal .

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However, changes to the underlying codebase must ultimately be approved by the Bitcoin Core developers. While individual developers within the Bitcoin Core organization are often involved in the development of protocol enhancements, there are no limitations as to who can propose changes to the codebase. BIPs utilize an open contributor model in which anyone is welcome to contribute towards development in the form of peer review, testing, and patches. Many other open-source blockchain projects use contributor models similar to the BIP. These proposals outline two potential processes for activating soft fork upgrades to the Bitcoin consensus. Read more about usaa bank address for wire transfers here. They are not consensus BIPs, because they do not propose changes to the Bitcoin consensus. Rather, they set out rules for how consensus changes should be introduced to Bitcoin, in order to avoid conflict and a potential fracture in the network. The SegWit upgrade was a major consensus upgrade, and the changes to Bitcoin’s rule set were proposed in BIP 141. Included in BIP 141 was a description of the witness field, a new part of Bitcoin transactions, and two new script types, P2WPKH and P2WSH.
bitcoin improvement proposal
This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Before being implemented, a BIP must go through a series of stages to be approved. Subsequently, the author will be in charge of presenting the proposal to the editor of the BIP. The editor will be in charge of auditing the proposal and will be responsible for its administration.

Standards BIPs

It was deeply founded on the course for refining Python, a software development language, labeled in Python Enhancement Proposal 0 . In the weeks that followed, at least 90% of the blocks that were mined had an encoded reference that showed the miners who mined those blocks supported the upgrade. This made it possible for an amazing agreement to be reached over the next few months, which led to the final approval in November 2021. SegWit adoption for Bitcoin is currently underway as a means to increase the capacity of the Bitcoin blockchain blocks by separating signatures from transactions thus reducing the size of transactions. The problem with too much transactions on the limited 1MB block size has gotten serious enough for users to want a solution that would make Bitcoin transactions faster and with lower fees. SegWit is currently getting traction as a solution to the problem as opposed to just increasing the block size from the current limit of 1MB. Aside from increasing the capacity of transactions in the 1MB blocks SegWit also allows for improved security . Taaki submitted the first BIP, BIP 001, to the bitcoin community on August 19th, 2011.

What is a BIP coin?

BipCoin (BIP) is a cryptocurrency . Users are able to generate BIP through the process of mining. BipCoin has a current supply of 1,627,261.18747 with 0 in circulation. The last known price of BipCoin is 0.00964811 USD and is up 0.00 over the last 24 hours.

Adoption ultimately happens as developers implement the code that reflects the BIP, and users choose to download and run this code. Being a blockchain, Bitcoin necessitates regular upgrades, from bug fixes to changes to the algorithms or simplification of its code to provide more efficiency. BIPs will be implemented in anticipation of significant protocol upgrades or large-scale amendments to the system, such as new transaction types like SegWit or transaction properties like replace-by-fee . In fact, mnemonic backup phrases as defined in BIP 39 have been adopted by many wallet providers, but are not used by Bitcoin Core itself. Likewise, not all wallets have adopted the PSBT standard defined in BIP 174. Although this lack of universal adoption is inconvenient, it does not eliminate the utility or security of the software.

Improvements could be essentially anything, typically new environments, features or processes. Proposed changes are a BIP, and the person behind the BIP is also responsible for collecting and documenting both positive and negative input from the community. In both cases, these guidelines are a structure for the particular development communities behind a network in a decentralised way. Every developer involved has an equal say in which changes will be executed and which will not. Also, as the process is decentralised no one individual or group leads but every developer and miner decide as a collective, similar to a set of rules for a decentralised autonomous organisation DAO. Not all changes to a Bitcoin software implementation affect the Bitcoin protocol, however. For example, some changes make the code run more efficiently, or change the user interface. A Bitcoin Improvement Proposal is a standard for proposing changes to the Bitcoin protocol, or in some cases a source for information for the Bitcoin community. Additionally, some BIPs are proposed changes to the BIP process itself.

At this stage the proposal is considered to be a draft that can ultimately be turned into a BIP. The refinement process can take as long as several years, as the BIP will ultimately have to pass a vote officially adopting the BIP. Bitcoin Improvement Proposals are design documents providing information to the bitcoin community, or for describing a new feature for bitcoin or its processes or environment. As an example, we’ll use the recent implementation of the Taproot soft-fork, labeled as BIP 341. A BIP should concern a significant change or addition to the Bitcoin protocol. Little changes, bugs or patches do not need to be turned into BIPs; they can simply follow the standard workflow required by each project development. However, not every change to Bitcoin requires a BIP, which is used mainly to improve the protocol.


To mitigate against the risk of too much centralisation, a technical BIP usually requires that miners “signal” majority support for the proposed change. If the miners don’t support the proposal, a BIP can be marked as deferred, withdrawn or even outright rejected. In the case of normal software belonging to centralized projects, a manager or lead developer might simply assign tasks and dictate the changes that need to be implemented. The BIP process organizes the Bitcoin community in the absence of a central leader.

A developer can email their idea to the email list, and anyone who is interested will respond with feedback. Some ideas remain at this discussion stage for many years, either because the community cannot find consensus, because the idea requires fine tuning, or because Bitcoin is not yet ready for the proposed changes. Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 32 standard proposed critical changes and features implemented across different Bitcoin software implementations. BIP32 added various test vectors and private derivation to decrease the risk of key leakages and devised Hierarchical Deterministic wallet specifications to make wallets backup fast and secure. They determine the standards used by Bitcoin software, such as wallets or exchanges, and aim to change the protocol; therefore, they require consensus to be approved. As the name clearly suggests, the BIP concerned with Confidential Transactions seeks to usher in a new level of privacy for the data contained within the Bitcoin network. The proposal was submitted by a well-respected blockchain developer by the name of Gregory Maxwell. It will allow bitcoin users to gain access to a host of privacy-related benefits — much like what other privacy-centric coins such as Monero and Zcash currently offer their users. BIP 148 is a user-activated soft-fork SegWit solution that was introduced during the first quarter of 2017 by an individual who goes by the pseudonym ‘Shaolin Fry’. Simply put, the proposal provides the global tradeallcryptomunity with a unique way in which to scale up Bitcoin’s total Tx capacity.

Retired .This status applies to those proposals that have been withdrawn by their authors for reasons that serve their interest. Proposed.It is the proposal accompanied with most of its explanatory elements and presented to the community. At this point, the debate on its application or not within the Bitcoin development ecosystem begins. At this point, the BIP is official, but it is not yet approved or implemented. Anyone can then review the BIP and provide feedback on it while it is being worked on and, at times, used on the testnet. Once a proposal has been fine-tuned, and both pros and cons have been evaluated, it can be submitted to the BIP list and assigned a BIP number and published to the Bitcoin Core GitHub repository of BIPs. While there is a formal structure for submitting a BIP, ideas generated for BIPs are a largely informal process, resulting from meet up discussions, Twitter engagements and forum chats.

The concatenated bits are then split into groups of 11 bits, each encoding a number from 0–2047, serving as an index into a wordlist. We convert these numbers into words and use joined words as a mnemonic sentence. The mnemonic that’s going to be generated must encode entropy in a multiples of 32 bits and should be between 128–256 bits. BIP-39 serves as a guide to transport computer-generated randomness with a human-readable transcription which is highly user friendly compared to handling raw binary or hexadecimal representations of wallet seed. It consists of two parts, generating the mnemonic and converting it into a binary seed.

We Need To Encrypt The Peer-To-Peer Layer Of Bitcoin For Privacy – Bitcoin Magazine

We Need To Encrypt The Peer-To-Peer Layer Of Bitcoin For Privacy.

Posted: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Any proposal submitted by developers to improve the Bitcoin network either through new features, parameter changes or bug fixes. And while a large number of people believe that regular BIPs can lead to more forks in the BTC network, we need to bear in mind that these changes can only be implemented through community consensus. These kinds of improvement proposals seek to implement a change in the core processes underlying the Bitcoin ecosystem. In their most basic sense, Process BIPs can somewhat be compared to Standards Track BIPs since they entail major changes that need to be vetted through a consensus vote. As an example, we’ll use the recent implementation of BIP 341 (Taproot soft-fork), which is a new way to split a blockchain. This was done with a “speedy trial code,” which was meant to make the upgrade happen quickly. Bitcoin Improvement Proposals make information easily accessible to the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin users and developers are able to participate in the improvement and modification of the network actively.

Since bitcoin is an open-source, consensus-based system with thousands of nodes running and millions of coin holders, you have to get buy-in from many stakeholders. BIPs have directly impacted the way a Blockchain proposal is organized and published. The same has happened with other major blockchains, for example, Ethereum has the standardized Ethereum Improvement Proposal framework. BIPs allow the Bitcoin blockchain to stay current and therefore efficient, while keeping the network decentralized. This is critical because it ensures that the future of Bitcoin is not defined by minority interests. Final approval happens automatically when node operators choose which version of Bitcoin Core to download and run a node that reflects the proposal. Then, By getting feedback from the community, a developer can reduce the chances of their proposal being rejected and wasting time. The BIP or Bitcoin Improvement Proposal is a standardized way of presenting any change, no matter how small, in the functioning of the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • Given the high technical bar for submitting a well-formed EIP, historically, most EIP authors have been application or protocol developers.
  • A number of solutions have been put forth to attempt to scale Bitcoin effectively.
  • Any person is able to author a BIP, with many of them originating in community discussion channels where the details can be ironed out.
  • BIPs allow the Bitcoin blockchain to stay current and therefore efficient, while keeping the network decentralized.

Specific BIPs may also be proposed to make modifications to the BIP process itself. Every BIP starts as a draft submitted by one or several authors who currently have ideas for protocol upgrades. The draft is submitted to the BIP GitHub and worked on openly for all to see. The BIP can be changed and improved by the author based on community feedback and testing feedback.

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