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Ozone Layer Depletion Definition, Causes, Effects, Prevention

    Bookkeeping    7 novembre 2019


It reduces the amount of oil that the company can sell in the future. ABC can, therefore, claim that the profits on which it is paying tax are actually an overestimate of the real profits since the taxed profits do not account for the reduction in future profits. Natural capital is a reference to the inventory of natural resources held by companies, such as natural gas or oil.

  • Try not to utilize pesticides – Pesticides are utilized for disposing of weeds yet are exceptionally hurtful to the ozone layer.
  • The stratospheric dust cloud will mitigate the initial effects of ozone depletion.
  • In the year 1980 researchers announced the exhaustion of the ozone layer in the locale of Antarctica which is regularly known as the ozone opening.
  • Examples of externalities include negative environmental effects such as pollution and the unsustainable depletion of natural resources.
  • The world’s oil reserves are moving closer to depletion as oil runs out.

Where depletion differs is that it refers to the gradual exhaustion of natural resource reserves, as opposed to the wearing out of depreciable assets or aging life of intangibles. In the mid-year, nitrogen dioxide and methane respond with chlorine monoxide and chlorine particles which bring about shrinkage of chlorine and thus forestalls ozone layer consumption. The ozone layer is found in the upper locales of the stratosphere where it safeguards the earth from the unsafe bright beams of the sun. The general formula for cost depletion substitutes future investment for the initial investment. In the example above, suppose that at the end of the first year, a new company looking to extract oil from Company ABC’s oil well would need to make an initial investment of $80,000. For example, the exact tax structure is not important; the tax may be a percentage tax or a lump-sum tax. The oil extraction process reduces the amount of oil available in the oil well for future extraction.

Translations of depletion

One method of calculating depletion expense is thepercentage depletionmethod. It assigns a fixed percentage to gross revenue—sales minus costs—to allocate expenses. For example, if $10 million of oil is extracted and the fixed percentage is 15%, $1.5 million of capitalized costs to extract the natural resource are depleted. The second method of calculating depletion is thecost depletion method. Cost depletion is calculated by taking the property’s basis, total recoverable reserves and number of units sold into account. The property’s basis is distributed among the total number of recoverable units. As natural resources are extracted, they are counted and taken out from the property’s basis.


The depletion method requires a lot of estimates and is, therefore, not a heavily relied upon or accepted method of depletion. Empirical results presented here focus on the factors affecting depletion of natural tropical forests.


As pyruvate is produced by glycolysis and consumed by gluconeogenesis, parasite-induced starvation of the host should result in a depletion of hepatocellular pyruvate. Selective depletion of beta cells affects the development of alpha cells in cat retina. When stock markets crashed the life funds suffered huge depletion of their reserves. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge.

What is depletion in simple words?

Depletion is an accrual accounting technique used to allocate the cost of extracting natural resources such as timber, minerals, and oil from the earth. Like depreciation and amortization, depletion is a non-cash expense that lowers the cost value of an asset incrementally through scheduled charges to income.

An Depletion Definition opening or drained ozone layer doesn’t imply an opening in the ozone layer yet rather a part of the ozone layer that has become more slender. Yet, this has been found to cause the ozone layer to drain something like 1-2 percent and the outcomes are additionally thought to be short-lived. Ozone in the stratosphere is a consequence of the di-oxygen particles that follow up on UV radiations. The lavishness of the ozone layer makes the opening so huge and the science behind the opening is undeniably less well known. Quite often the ozone has just corresponded with the opening in the ozone layer and the harm it has caused to the climate. The Environment is our essential daily routine emotionally supportive network and is made out of experiencing creatures, actual environmental factors, and climatic circumstances. It is gotten from a French word, “Environment”, and that signifies “to encompass”.

Accounting Topics

Carpooling, utilizing public methods of transportation, strolling, cycling, and so forth ought to be advanced. While in spring, the sun arises in Antarctica, the sun separates these mists causing the arrival of chlorine and in this manner starting the ozone exhaustion process. The Ozone layer is available in the stratosphere, and we likewise realize that ozone atoms are less steady because of which they respond with fluorine and chlorine.


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