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18 Key Ways Managers Can Help Remote Workers Returning To The Office

    Education    28 mars 2023

To be a good remote employee, it’s essential to not let household to-dos take over your schedule. Sure, throwing in a load of laundry during a work break is fine, but make sure you don’t let miscellaneous household tasks dictate your workday. Not only will they ultimately extend your day past your regular work hours, but the constant interruptions will impede your productivity and performance. Understanding what tasks are most important and what tasks can wait is imperative.

If you’re able to manage your time properly, like a boss, you can leverage this opportunity to its full potential. With almost everyone having access to a free Google account, it makes the most sense to use this cloud solution to store your files and access them wherever you go. Google Drive comes with 15GB of free storage with the option to purchase more if needed. Business messaging solutions, like what’s offered by Leverice, provide comprehensive tools to make remote work communication more efficient and targeted. Properly organizing priorities requires setting a realistic schedule that will support productivity and focus.

Free business tools

We work with the savviest talent throughout the entire region, ensuring they have what’s needed to do their job right and trusting them to deliver. This year, the London School of Economics Business Review added talent retention and reduced absenteeism to remote work benefits while reminding us of Covid’s lingering effects of burnout, anxiety and stress. Giuliana is the CEO of Nearsure, a remote-first nearshore tech solutions company. You will find new and better ways of working remotely – because you are smart and committed. Life Balance Flexibility – Want to go for a walk or run mid-way through the day?

Tips for Succeeding in Working Remotely

When you deal with people accepting low rates, understand that sometimes, the quality of work is also sacrificed. The hum of office life is making a comeback for many employees after a remote hiatus, but their return to the office isn’t without its challenges. Managers now find themselves responsible for ensuring a seamless transition for team members who are returning to in-person work after a prolonged period of working remotely. Working from any location with an internet connection is a mainstream virtual team benefit.

Communication Is Key

Costs can quickly add up when you need to make frequent local or international calls. The remote worker’s answer to this potential problem is Skype, which allows you to make unlimited audio or video calls (and even conference calls)—as long as you have a stable internet connection. QuickBooks connects with your bank accounts so you can easily keep track of your business expenses. You can also use Quickbooks to send invoices and pay employees using the Payroll feature. If you have more than one task for A, B, or C, number them 1, 2, 3 (and so on) in order of their priorities. Think of this as a strict system, where you start the A-1 task immediately and don’t move on to another task unless you’re finished.

Take your time navigating the company’s training documents and onboarding materials. Walk yourself through each new tool — especially the ones that revolve around workflow and communication — and play around with them. Chances are, you’ll sit even more when you’re working remotely. That’s one of the first changes Caleb Sanders, a senior director at Talent Inc., noticed when he started working remotely more than four years ago.

Talk to your team

Catching up with your boss through a weekly virtual or phone one-on-one can give you both a chance to stay up to date with each other. It’s subliminal and human nature by bosses to be wary when employees are out of sight, so protect yourself. Self-care is a key component to succeeding as a remote worker.

Environment – Create your own work environment when you work from home. If you like to be active, consider a treadmill or stationary bike that allows you to place a laptop on it so you can multi-task. Plants, rugs, lights, and other décor must be professional if you are on camera, but you still have a lot of latitude to create the space the leads to increased productivity for you. Less pollution in the air, less noise on the streets, and less consumption of the materials required to keep our roads intact. As you continue getting to know people in the company, ask your new connections if they think there’s someone else in the organization you should know within the first three to six months with the company. They might be able to help you arrange an introduction, or you can reach out to them yourself.

Back to the office? Back to the Dark Ages

Setting your work space apart from your home space allows you to better delineate the two, and lets your brain know when it needs to be in work mode or home mode. Start a business and design the life you want – all in one place. Are you one of the millions of workers who recently dove head-first into remote work from home? Accept the fact that some days will be better than others, since everyone needs time to adjust.

  • Learn how to manage your remote teams and lead the way (remotely).
  • Managers now find themselves responsible for ensuring a seamless transition for team members who are returning to in-person work after a prolonged period of working remotely.
  • In the office or at home, employee recognition remains a key driver of employee engagement and performance.
  • One channel is dedicated to work discussions, while another channel is purely for fun.
  • Online communication may or may not provide a complete picture of who you are to co-workers, and who others are to you.

Many social activities and water cooler discussions that happen in the office won’t occur by chance with remote workers. Teams should be intentional about creating opportunities for social exchange. Part of preparing for an increased remote workforce will require clarity around how all teams fit into the grand scheme of things. Ensure communications and feedback protocols between groups are known. Having senior leaders email major announcements is basic, at best.

How to set yourself up for success when starting a new job remotely

All work should be performed in this space, rather than bouncing around different spots in the home. Working in front of the TV one day, then at the kitchen table another, confuses the schedule and the mind. It also can cause less productivity because of the constant changes in work scenery.

  • When hiring, I have found that there aren’t as many diverse backgrounds and cultures among candidates as I would like to see, and I often have to remind myself to dive deeper.
  • Without the rhythm of an office around you, it’s easy to get in a groove and forget to take a lunch break or stretch your legs with a quick walk.
  • This is particularly true when trying to participate in a conference call from home or working on important documents.
  • If something comes up, you can acknowledge it right away if necessary, along with an expected date of completion.

You wake up, open your laptop, and start pushing to hit your deadlines. Before you know it, the hours have melted away and you unintentionally skipped lunch and nearly missed dinner. One channel is dedicated to work discussions, while another channel is purely for fun.

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